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About the Event

About the Event

Join us for a night of dancing
to help benefit the medical fund of Connie Ford

The Event

The Gray Diamond Gala is a benefit hosted by Orlando wedding photographer Kristen Weaver, whose mother was diagnosed with Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme in October 2015 kostenlos musik herunterladen youtube.  Rather than putting together a donation page to help with the numerous medical expenses and personal expenses their family is suddenly facing, Kristen decided to do what she knows – have a wedding benchmark herunterladen! Well, or something close!

The Gray Diamond Gala is a play on a black-tie wedding reception, but there’s a fun twist when it comes to attire! The Gala is also Wedding Dress optional, since many of our good friends and clients are in the wedding industry icloud photos all mark and download. Instead of one bride, we would love to see every one in their wedding gowns – from modern to vintage! But don’t worry if you don’t have one – this is a black-tie event and we can’t wait to see your formal attire adobe cs2 for free!

The Gala is being hosted at the beautiful Alfond Inn in Winter Park, Florida. During the event, a silent auction will be held in the conservatory songs to download for free. Then, the Leonard Brothers take the stage for a party in the ballroom! If you’ve ever wanted to attend the best party in Orlando – come to one put on by the best wedding vendors in the area!


At the event, there will be an array of hor d’oeuvres and action stations, as well as a cash bar, silent auction, silent DJ party, and of course a great time with the top band in the southeast, The Leonard Brothers herunterladen!

There are a limited number of tickets, and approximately 50% of your ticket price will be donated to the Ford family to help with their medical and personal costs herunterladen.

Valet parking is $5.00 per car, and the Alfond Inn has extended us a special group room rate for the night of the event!

About Connie

Connie Ford was diagnosed with Grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) in October 2015 blizz kostenlos herunterladen. Prior to her diagnosis, she had barely missed a day of work in 10 years and was never sick. In September, she went to the ER with high blood pressure wie video aus youtube herunterladen. When all vital work came back normal, they recommended an MRI, where they found a 5cm mass in her brain. Further biopsy confirmed Grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme – an incurable malignant tumor sims 4 sims herunterladen. Her daughter, Orlando wedding photographer Kristen Weaver, organized the Gray Diamond Gala to help her family with the unexpected costs associated with the disease.

Currently, Connie is in Cleveland, Ohio on a monthly chemotherapy regime with the Cleveland Clinic. GBM is a rare and incurable brain tumor that does not discriminate when it comes to age or sex. Despite its rarity, it has recently been in the news when Brittany Maynard was diagnosed with GBM, and later became an advocate for the legalization of “aid in dying.”

“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.”

Maya Angelou

About Glioblastoma

About Glioblastoma

1.Risk Factors

While glioblastoma are more common in males and persons older than 50, they do not discriminate when it comes to age, gender, or ethnicity.

2.Difference in Symptoms

The symptoms for any brain tumor vary widely depending on the location from where the tumor originates and the rate of tumor growth. Some symptoms are silent and only found when a brain scan is incidentally done for another reason.

3.Common Symptoms

Other typical symptoms include headaches, nausea, vomiting and seizures. Tumors frequently cause subtle personality changes and memory loss or even disturbances in speech and language.


Most patients with glioblastoma undergo a CT scan, followed by MRI. The actual pathological diagnosis has to be made at the time of surgery where tissue is removed and examined by a neuropathologist.


The standard treatment for glioblastomas is maximal safe resection, followed by concurrent radiation and an oral chemotherapy called temolozomide over a 6-week period. Upon the completion of radiation, 6-12 cycles of adjuvant temolozide are given five days in a row every four weeks.


Glioblastomas are not surgically curable, but there is good evidence that the more tumor that can be removed, the better the prognosis

Thank you

2016 Gala Sponsors

This event truly would not have been possible without the help of some amazing professionals flower motifs for free. Words cannot express the thanks that our family feels for all of the help and hard work that they have put into this Gala. We are privileged to have this support for the 2016 Gray Diamond Gala translator app!

We’ll be updating our blog with additional sponsors and silent auction donators before the event, so be sure to check back and help us to support these charitable companies! If you’re interested in participating as a sponsor, click the link below for more information on how you can help and how to contact us!


Together We Can

Together We Can

Thank you to the KEJ Productions team, husband and wife dynamic duo – Elaine and Kaleb Jimenez, for this super fun video from our Gray Diamond Gala promo shoot at the KWP Studios!

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

  • 1

    Attend the Gray Diamond Gala

  • 2

    Become a Sponsor

    We are looking for all different types of sponsors to donate to the gala - from silent auction items to great party ideas to help make the benefit a huge success!

  • 3

    Tell Your Friends About Us

  • 4


    If you can't attend the gala and would still like to contribute, consider a monetary donation to help with the medical and personal expenses of the Ford family

  • 5


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Contact Us

Contact Us

For more information on how you can be part of the Gray Diamond Gala, or to join us at the benefit, contact us below!


For all inquiries
and questions email

Gala Address

The Alfond Inn
300 E New England Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789


Join us at the gala
by purchasing tickets
on EventBrite.com

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