Paris Climate Agreement John Oliver


April 11, 2021

“It doesn`t even contain the word “coal” in the agreement,” Oliver said. John Oliver spoke about Donald Trump`s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord and called the president a “fucking egomaniac.” In the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver called on all Americans to act on climate change themselves, because “we can`t afford to wait four years to elect Trump.” With the exit of the United States, China will instead be a world leader in climate change, Oliver points out. In January, the country announced 103 coal-fired power plants and announced plans to spend more than $361 billion on renewable energy by 2020, which is expected to create at least 13 million new jobs. Donald Trump wants to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate change agreement. This is bad news for everyone who lives on this planet. Although Trump said last Thursday that the deal would affect the country`s coal operations, the Paris agreement had no restrictions on coal. This will reveal some “interesting” theories that local politicians call global warming, Oliver noted. For example, Pennsylvania Senator Scott Wagner suggested that heat produced by human bodies could be the cause of climate change. Earlier this week, President Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate accord, which did not surprise Oliver, because the agreement as a whole was so “off-brand” for Trump that it might as well be called a “light jog.” According to Oliver, Trump`s decision and his refusal to fight climate change could have a dramatic global impact, because if the world warms by only two degrees Celsius, there will be more droughts, more dramatic heat waves and severe impacts on the world`s water supply. “We`re not talking about a fictional apocalypse like the 2012 film, but a real global catastrophe like the 2012 film,” Oliver explained.

The comedian blasted Trump`s argument that the deal would allow other nations to expand coal production and ban it in the United States. “The agreement does not prohibit the United States from building coal-fired power plants. It doesn`t even contain the word “coal.” Each country sets its own goals, which it can achieve as it pleases, so that is not true. That is simply not true.¬†Oliver then referred to the president`s belief that the deal had hurt U.S. companies, 25 of which, including Microsoft and Intel, bought an ad in the New York Times to convince Trump to remain part of the deal. While Trump seemed to think the Paris agreement would be bad for the economy and banned coal consumption in the United States, according to Oliver, the document doesn`t even contain the word coal. Instead, according to Oliver, the Paris Agreement allows each nation to set its own climate goals and is voluntary. “The description of the Trump deal is so misleading that it would be equally accurate to say that compliance with the Paris agreement would probably require all ducks to wear denim shorts,” Oliver said. “And it could cost an American five fish and a dump truck full of hamsters.” In his speech, Trump said the celebration of the signing of the agreement – in which 195 nations participated – was fueled by the fact that the United States has a “very, very great economic disadvantage.” And then there are the jobs created through the world`s attention to climate. Before Trump decided to leave the Paris Agreement last Thursday, 25 companies – including Microsoft and Intel – ran an entire-page announcement in the New York Times calling on Trump to stick to the deal because it “creates jobs and economic growth.” Oliver stressed that state and city governments now have a duty to deliver on promises that Trump rejects. This means that Americans should know “where your mayor, your governor and even your state representatives are on climate change.” But, as Oliver said, it`s up to governors, mayors, states and businesses to strengthen to slow climate change, and companies like Walmart, Bank of America and Philip Morris Intern