Smart Software Licensing Agreement Pending


April 12, 2021

1. . 1. Cisco Software Central (CSC) – request a smart account. Smart Account – Request access to an existing Smart Account. Generic tags are provided because they are the appropriate permission tags for the network device. This allows the authorization tags to be used throughout the Cat9500 platform, and not just in specific high-performance C9500 models. Before 16.12.3-Images requesting device-specific license tags, the license`s generic tags match, since more specific licenses are covered by generic licenses in the license hierarchy. – If the Cisco device is displayed in the Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM), the “force” setting should be used (d. h. “Smart-Register-idtoken force” – Save the switch with a new token with “license smart register idtoken force” The solution consists of smart online accounts (on Cisco Smart Licensing Portal) used to track Cisco and Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM) assets, which is used to manage smart accounts.

All licensing tasks can be performed at CSSM, such as registration. B, de-registering, deferral and transfer of licenses. Users can be added and access and get permissions for the smart account and some virtual accounts. Device Upgraded or Shipped with software release that supports Smart Licensing (see section 1.3 for IOS-XE supported releases list). Before recording the device, tokens must be generated. The recording, also called device identification tokens, is a unique token generated by the Smart Licensing Portal or Cisco Smart Software Manager on-prem, when a Cisco device is first registered to the corresponding Smart account. A single token can be used to record multiple Cisco devices, depending on the settings used during the creation. – Delineate the switch with “License smart deregister” Cisco Smart Licensing is a unique cloud-based licensing system that manages all software licenses for Cisco products. It allows customers to purchase, supply, manage, track and renew Cisco software licenses. In addition, information on license ownership and consumption will be provided via a single user interface %CALL_HOME-3-CALL_HOME_FAILED_TO_ENABLE: Error when activating Smart Agent`s call house for the license: The order could not activate Smart Call Home due to an existing active user profile.

If you use a user profile other than “CiscoTAC-1” to send data to Cisco`s SCH server, please enter “Reporting smart-licensing-data” in profile mode to set up this profile for the smart license.