Traduction De Power Purchase Agreement


October 12, 2021

The detailed electricity reception contract with electricity producers in the central sector and RHEP`s free electricity are not part of the ARR and tariff petition. . Main clients: law firms, notaries, bailiffs, publishers, university research centres, investment funds, asset managers, companies, developers, architects, real estate agents. AIT Translation enjoys the unique position of having translators in the fields of law, finance, construction and architecture and is therefore the ideal partner for developers and managers worldwide. Search results: 64. Correct: 64. Working time: 150 ms. Prepared by: Marc Culver, Director of Public Works Facilities: A: Proposal SummaryB: TruNorth Solar Proposal C: SundialSolar ProposalAnhang ASkating Center Solarpanel Proposed Installation TruNorth Solar has proposed a 200 kW system financed either by a power purchase agreement (PPA) or by a direct purchase option. Finally, a fourth problem concerns the power purchase agreement. The latest translations were conducted by Prof. J├╝rgen Schwarze (for Germany) and Prof. Eduardo Garcia de Enterria (for Spain).

Therefore, the authorisation of the sale by third parties may result in serious harm to the interest of all discoms.k) The Commission erred in not relying entirely on the Electricity Reception Agreement (APC) concluded with MSEDCL for the recognition of RPL`s Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA). Frequent short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Plus Legal translation is one of our main areas of work and, as with our other disciplines, we require our translators to have professional qualifications in this field and to have at least 5 years of experience in translation. Our legal translators all have a law degree in their native language. Our expertise is as follows: the project contract is the draft standard electricity acceptance contract (ECA) described in Volume III of this call for tenders. . . .