Vehicle Maintenance Service Agreement


April 14, 2021

Some car dealerships and dealers only offer services in certain geographic areas. Find out if you need prior authorization from the contract provider for repairs or towing services. Make sure it takes time to get permission, if you can get an authorization outside normal business hours and if the company has a green number for authorization. Test the green number before you buy the contract to see if you can pass easily. When buying a used car, pay attention to the buyer`s driver who has been posted on the side window. The FTC is requesting a guide for all used vehicles sold by dealers. The question is whether a service contract is available. It also indicates whether the vehicle is sold with a warranty, only with unspoken guarantees or “as it is”. If your car needs to be repaired or maintained, you can choose between several service dealers or licensed repair centers. Or you have to take it to the dealer you bought it from. This could be uncomfortable if you buy the car from a dealership in another city.

Find out if your car is covered if it breaks while you`re using it on a trip, or if you take it when you leave town. If you have a problem with a car service contract, first try to resolve the dispute with the supplier. If this does not work, speak to your Attorney General, the National Insurance Commission or the local consumer protection authority. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. guarantee. If the manufacturer`s warranty for the used car is still in effect, you may have to pay a fee to be profitable, making it a service contract. However, if the distributor accepts the manufacturing costs, the cover is considered a guarantee. As it is – no guarantee. If you buy a car “as you see,” you will have to pay for all repairs, even if the car breaks on the way home from the dealership. However, if you purchase a dealer service contract within 90 days of the purchase of the used car, the government`s “implicit guarantees” may grant you additional rights.

Under the service contract, you may need to follow all of the manufacturer`s recommendations for routine maintenance such as oil ingion. If you don`t, he could cancel the contract. To prove that you have properly maintained the car, you keep detailed statements, including receipts. Find out if the contract prohibits you from driving the car to an independent station for routine maintenance or to do the job. The contract may stipulate that the dealer who sold you the car is the only facility authorized for the maintenance of the car. More than likely, these locations are independent companies that want to sell you extended warranties – specifically service contracts – that often sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you answer a call from an advanced warranty business-pitching, you`ll probably hear high-pressure sales tactics as well as requests for personal financial information and a down payment before receiving details of the service contract.